Major Symptoms Behind Migraine Headaches

Migraine refers to neurogenic disorder that is related to changes in brain perfusion. The initial phase of migraine occurs from neurogenic inflammation that affects the blood vessels. Due to migraine attacks, hyperalgesia, allodynia and nociceptive field expansion occurs.

The symptoms of the problem are simple as some include severe headache with aura and some include migraines without aura. The pain severity, frequency and duration of pain differ from patient to patient.

There are four phases of it. The first is the prodrome that prevails days before the headache. The phase of aura is a phase that precedes the migraine headache. The pain phase is next that is also referred as the headache phase. Then there is postdrome phase that occurs in experienced people and occurs when the migraine attack ends.

The pain that lasts more than seventy two hours is termed as status migrainosus.

The causes of migraine are usually known. Perhaps they are related to environmental and genetic factors. Once believed to be present in people with high intelligence but in reality they occur in people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

There has been enough research indicating the real cause to be genetic influence. Some specific variants increase the chances of this headache to moderate quantity. Single gene disorders are rarely seen. There is a genetic disorder seen in patients termed as Cadasil syndrome or cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy.

The headaches are induced with trigger sometimes with people reporting it in minor cases at some instances while major in others.

There are certain physiological aspects like stress, hunger and fatigue that have shown to be behind the problem. Also around menstruation, the presence of this headache has been seen. Other hormonal changes occurring due to pregnancy, oral conceptions and menopause have resulted into such headaches.

Neuropathy treatment has been found to become a solution of the aforesaid problem. Hence it is vital to use medications that solve neuropathy problems extensively.


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